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June 30th 2009: Campus Construction

This past June was the end of another outstanding school year: all the problems that arose were manageable and we had a large student body.  Now we are faced with preparing for the next school year.  This upcoming year we are expecting more students than last year.  To accommodate all of them we will have to build two new class rooms.   Pictured below is the current construction which is being done on the kindergarten.  Below this construction area are the already functioning kindergarten class rooms.  This construction is in addition to the two class rooms that we have not yet begun. 

The ministry is always growing and we are constantly expanding our campus to accommodate all of the needs.  Lord willing, we will complete the campus construction soon so that we will be able to fit everyone who is wishing to be served by our ministry.

June 29th 2009: Haitian National Radio Conference

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