February 12th-14th 2010:  Three Day Fast

This weekend, Haiti, and most of the Caribbean, would be celebrating Carnival (the US equivalent is Mardi Gras).  However, in light of recent events, Haiti has decided to forgo Carnival.  According to reports, the Haitian government has decided to shut down for those three days.  In addition to that there has been a nation-wide religious movement to fast and pray during the upcoming weekend. 

Shabach's two churches in Haiti, Famille Tabernacle de Louange in Carrefour and Breath of Life in Desarmes will similarly fast and pray during this weekend.  We would like to invite our brothers and sisters all around the world who are in Christ to do likewise.  Our prayer is that God will use the tragedy of the earthquake as a means to transform the nation of Haiti into a better and stronger nation according to His purposes and for His glory.

We know that God hears our prayers.  The last Sunday of 2009 the Holy Spirit led Pastor Jean Heder Petit-Frere to individually anoint and pray for the entire congregation.  With a church body of over 1000 people the process took several hours to complete and was exhausting work.  However, out of all the people that were there and were anointed and prayed for not a single one died in the earthquake.  We are looking forward to seeing how God will transform Haiti through this time.

Pictures from the three day fast: