The Earthquake

As most of you might already know, Haiti was hit on Tuesday, January 12th, with a devastating earthquake that measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale. Governmental authority has been all but erased as most government buildings have been demolished including the National Palace, the Supreme Court, the Public Works Department, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Education, etc.

Haiti will never be the same again; most of the symbols of our culture that existed in Port-au-Prince have been reduced to rubble, we have lost many important personalities, many universities no longer exist, and many families are missing a loved one or have had all their earthly possessions and hopes destroyed.

With no electricity, the people are sleeping in the streets or in any open spaces because it is not yet safe to go back into any building of any sort.  There is also the added emotional trauma of repeated tremors throughout the day and night, some harder than others. Adding to all of this is the fact that many hardened criminals are on the loose as the convicts from the major prison in Port-au-Prince have all escaped.

   The Media Room at the Church                                       Jubilee Educational Center for the Deaf
      School Courtyard                                            Perimeter Wall                                       Kindergarten Courtyard

Nevertheless, Shabach Ministries International has risen to the occasion in every way possible. Since the  earthquake Shabach has been able to supply 300 people per week with a week's worth of groceries, purchase and install water purifiers at local refugee camps, host medical clinics at the main campus, provide trauma counseling and training, and continue to meet as a church body.  That being said, there is still much more that needs to be done and can be done; it is only a matter of raising the funds and getting the supplies.

There is also the need to begin rebuilding. Until people's homes, schools, and places of employment can be repaired the nation will not be able to lift itself out of survival mode and free itself from its dependency on foreign aid.

                Medical Clinic at SMI                                        Basic food supplies distributed to those in need

    Pastor Jean Preaching                         Pastor Jean Praying                        Pastor Jean serving


   Financial Contributions

  • Funds will be used for food and rebuilding

 Relief Supplies Needed:    
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Baby Formula
  • Baby Food
  • Clean Cloths
  • Shoes
  • Energy Drink Packets
  • Vitamins
  • First Aid Kits
  • Insect Repellent
  • Toiletries
 Rebuilding Supplies Needed:    
  • Digital Media Equipment (projectors, laptops, desktops, servers, workstations, software, CD/DVD players, etc.)
  • Mobile Media Equipment
  • General School  Supplies (science lab equipment, book shelves, chairs, paper, writing supplies, etc.)
  • Cafeteria Equipment
  • Learning Labs Equipment
  • Educational Materials for the Deaf (charts, educational DVDs, hands-on learning supplies, etc.)
Also of particular need are people who can teach a specific trade or skill.  Click HERE for more information.

Why Give to Shabach?

1. 100% of your donation goes to helping the people of Haiti.
2. All donations are tax deductible.
3. By giving your resources to SMI you are equipping a ministry that is devoted to transforming Haiti into a prosperous and productive country; our goal is not to offer hand outs to needy people but to equip them for a meaningful and productive life by empowering them with the Truth and resources they need to fulfill their destiny in Christ.

How to Make Donations:

To Donate with Check or Money Order Make Payable to: Shabach Ministries International
Send to: Shabach Ministries International, P.O. BOX 688, Traverse City, MI 49685-688

To Donate with Credit Card or PayPal click HERE.

To find out how to Donate Material Goods Contact: Caleb Norris - 231.642.7881 - or click HERE.